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Our Mission,

                         Softafrique is an Information Technology Company with the interest of helping potential businesses worldwide grow and sustain them. Our main targets are small businesses that need help to expand and grow. We don’t give grants, we don’t give loans, and our way of helping will be through information technology. We will give free advice on IT equipments that you will purchase, free consultations and also build you a website at a cheaper fee.

Our Vision,

                   We aim at extending helping hand to all small businesses that deserves a chance to flourish and realize their potential. Every business idea deserves a chance to thrive, especially when it existence serves our community in terms of providing jobs and rending services to mankind.

Services and Fees,

                            Have you thought of getting your own website no matter how small your business is? With as low as Ghc 20.00 your website can be designed and hosted with in a month. You will have 60 days of no monthly charges for free and then subsequently pay Ghc20.00 per month to keep your website active.This is such that every business gets the chance to own a website and reach the world in order to show your potential of being a world class entity.


                  Please send us an email to if you are interested in our program. If you do not receive a reply with in 24hours we will suggest you check your junk mail, it may be there otherewise send us a reminder via email so we send you the web planning sheet again. We look forward to do business with you,









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