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Bulk sms and website design are our hallmark, we are specialised in website development for over a decade and still counting. Our approach in putting our customers in the world market of business is our goal. We ask our clients the questions that their potential customers may demand in order to make a decision to trade or employ their services. Our processes of engaging our services are quite simple. We will send you a word document with questions, your response to those questions will enable us to know the kind of website you require, the structure and its content. 

Here in Softafrique, there are three (3) main classes of website that we build. The first one is the standard website:- This is a website that is static, it only provides information to its audience, its basic and has a maximum of seven (7) pages. It does not interact with its audience. It is set to describe or provide mainly information about a business and nothing else. 

The second one is what we call the dynamic or ecommerce website. This also has a maximum of seven (7) pages. This websites are informative like the Static or standard website and are also interactive with its audience. These are the kinds that accepts payments online, sign up as a member and many others you can think or imagine.

The last but not the least is the same as the dynamic or ecommerce website, except that this final one has a minimum of seven (7) pages and counting. The only difference between these two (2), second and third classes are the number of pages involved. 

Our bulk sms has the cheapest rate in the market, we sell our sms for as cheap as 0.015 ghc and if you have a business that needs marketing, we can assist you by sending out your adverts at no cost. You only need to sign up with us and give us your message that needs to be advertised. You can also manage your own account if you want either way we are here to help you boost your business in the best possible way and yet very affordable means.

We want to thank you for stopping by our website/store for a brief introduction of what we do. If we satisfy you, please tell a friend and also come again for more but if we did otherwise, kindly contact us on our provided contact details so we can learn, correct our mistakes and come back to serve you even better.






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